March 12, 2002

Just a short note to bring you up-to-data on Clancy Systems International, Inc.


New Parking Contracts:

Recent installations of new clients include Fairfax County, VA; Sebastabol, CA; and Middlesex County, MA.

Coming up in early April are new installations in Arlington County, VA and Grand Rapids, MI.


New Product:

All of us here at Clancy are very excited about the completion of our newest product. Below is a photo of the first production device.

First a little background. Since Clancy's inception, we have been using Telxon and Symbol terminals as the field data entry portion of our parking ticket issuance system. While these terminals were strong and reliable, new technology in the form of Palm Pilots and other PDAs have presented us with new opportunities.

The problem is the PDAs are really not suited for all day data capture. The hand writing and virtual keyboards are just not sufficient and can produce errors. What is really needed is a useful portable keyboard. We searched the available products and we couldn't find a suitable keyboard - so we designed and built our own. We may even offer this for sale to the general public.

This new keyboard device comes in four colors as well as clear and will allow our clients to use standard Palm pilots using exactly the same keyboard layout that they have used for years.

We are now applying for patent protection and designing a matching printer. I'll keep you informed.


Denver Boot:

The following article appeared in a local newspaper which gives a nice overview of the Denver Boot.

A word of explanation is the Denver Director of Parking is under pressure because of changes made without notification and voiding of personal tickets.

Here's the link for the article.

Thanks for your support,

Stan Wolfson,
CEO Clancy Systems International, Inc.

# # #