Clancy Systems International, Inc.
Releases ID Badge Maker Software

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2001--Clancy Systems announces its release for public sale of its ID Badge Maker software. In limited release for the past year, this program has provided software for making low-cost, two-sided photo identification badges. Currently in use for the rental car industry, schools, courier services, law enforcement agencies, Clancy clients and, this software has gotten raves as a solid, easy-to-use product. With security and identification becoming a concern to many businesses and agencies, the Company is making the product available for general release.

The product can be downloaded from several web sites, including (click on ID Badge Maker), from and The downloaded version will give full demonstration ability. The software license sells for $199 and an activation code is provided upon sale to unlock the demonstration for full use.

The program is geared to off-the-shelf products and standard digital camera technology for creating badges. Bar codes and logos are added to names and other unique personnel identifiers. The company anticipates that demand for this program will increase as security and identity issues become more important.


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