Clancy Systems International, Inc. Signs New Clients

DENVER, Feb 12, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Clancy Systems International, Inc.
(OTCBB: CLSI) adds new clients to its parking programs. Mountain Village, CO, has
signed a contract with Clancy for a complete parking citation issuance and
processing system. The city is excited to offer Clancy's
payment services for its citizens and visitors as a convenience.

Loudoun County, VA, has installed a complete ticket issuance program for its
jurisdiction in the Leesburg and Sterling Virginia areas. The program
streamlines its operations and increases the ability to generate revenues for
the county.

In the past few weeks, Clancy has introduced a new program to its clients. The
company is offering services to scan parking tickets for its clients with its
high-speed scanning equipment. The program totally eliminates key punch
processes for cities that use this service. Arlington County, VA, was the first
client to take advantage of the program and other clients are eager to add this
program to their services.

In an agreement between California Municipal Technologies, Inc (CMTI), a company
that Clancy has had a long-term relationship with, and Clancy's retired Chairman
of the Board, Robert M. Brodbeck, CMTI has acquired 26,510,000 of Brodbeck's
shares. Under the terms of the purchase agreement, all SEC restrictions and rule
144 regulations apply to the transfer. In addition, Brodbeck has agreed to
refrain from selling any of the remainder of his shares for a period of one

"In my opinion, the transfer of stock from Brodbeck to CMTI should have a
positive effect on shareholder value. The pressure of the regular sales by
Brodbeck over the past few years has had a negative effect on share price.
CMTI's interest in Clancy is welcome and presents a positive endorsement of
Clancy. We are interest in working with CMTI to further our mutual business
opportunities," said Stanley Wolfson, Clancy's president.


CONTACT: Clancy Systems International, Inc.

Stanley Wolfson, 303/753-0197