First, a pad or block of permits is sold to the user.

In this case the Coppermill Restaurant.

The customer uses the daily parking permit to promote business by helping his patron avoid a parking ticket.
The front of the hang tag permit has a preprinted serial number and space for the customer to write the valid date.

In this case the permit serial number is 0101.

This number will be used by the system to check that the permit is valid and not counterfeit.
Both the front and the back of the permit have the customer's name and advertising. The back informs the user that the permit has been purchased.
The hang tag permit is displayed on the rear view mirror for the officer to check.
Here, the officer checks the tag for today's date and enters the permit number into the hand held.

The system checks the number to see if the permit is valid. If valid, the hand held prompts for the plate number. If not valid, a ticket is written.

When the hand held is unloaded, all used daily permit records are removed from the valid permit file. Thus, the permit may only be used for one day.
The license plate and (automatic) date entered when a valid permit was found is added to a database. This database is used when someone gets a ticket when trying to use a previously used permit.

For instance, if someone changed the 07/01/99 date to 07/04/99, the permit would not be valid and a ticket would be written. When the violator tries to show the permit as valid, the license plate and date the original date used would be available on the computer.
This new hang tag system is an included part of Clancy's Permit System and hand held system. Clancy clients may use these programs now and without any additional charges. Contact support for setup.

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