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Clancy Systems - Receipt Application

Receipt Application

The Receipt Application is designed for parking professionals who need to harness the sophisticated opportunities of revenue collection.

Simple Operation

Developed to handle vehicle registration control needs, the identification of the vehicle entering the car park is performed in a simple, manual manner without the need for a ticket dispenser. The license plate number and vehicle description (make, year, and color) are inputted into the terminal. This information is printed on a receipt and the customer places the receipt on there dashboard. The data is then stored in the terminal's memory for future processing.

Vehicles entering the car park are registered and stored in the Palm M500 terminal, thereby producing an inventory of all the vehicles in the lot at any given time - such as total counts or spaces available.

At the exit lane, the operator only has to enter the license plate of the vehicle. The Receipt Application automatically calculates the fee due and displays the entry and exit date and time, and other pertinent information. This information is automatically printed onto the ticket and a receipt is issued on command.

Management Controls

At any point in the day the Palm M500 can be downloaded to a computer where the data can be used in running a host of detailed management reports, including cash reports and audits by cashier shift, monthly and transient vehicle counts, and a comprehensive lot list with complete vehicle inventory (including vehicle description and license plate number).